About us

Our small but growing company PartizanTours was opened in 2016 by two motorcyclists and travellers Alexander and Dmitry. They both are highly experienced in riding a motorbike on paved roads as well as off-road in different countries on nearly all continents. 

They wanted to share their passion for travel and motorcycles with other riders and decided to start a new business. So they obtained the fleet of BMW bikes and successfully run the first tours in Crimea, Black Sea coast and Lake Baikal. Alexander and Dmitry remain the key members of the company. 

We widen the geography of our tours. Nowdays we offer tours in different areas of Russia as well as through the whole country or in combination with Mongolia. Georgia also became one of the favourite destinations among our customers. 

The main gear of the company is to share the joy of riding with other people. We keep opening new roads and we constantly improve our service.